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Bioburner burner is the best solution, if you wish to burn grain leftover, wood chips or other biofuels.  It makes heating felxible and comfortable.S
We have 20-year production experience and we could offer the best heating solution according to your needs. Please contact us for free consultation by clicking on "Ask for offer" or calling us. 

There is 2 year warranty to all our products and services.



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We install the burner both to the door and to the side, allowing to heat the boiler with logs, briquette or coal. Control engineering ensures controlling of the burner by boiler thermostat and smoke temperatures according to preset temperature. We offer various add-ons to the burners (pushers, moving ash trays, blade feeders). The burners comply with the CE requirements and all burners come with AVTA-10 sprinkler valve.



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