Pellet boilers

Pellet heating is one of the most comfortable heating ways! It saves time and there is no need to collect fi rewood. Pellet heating is suitable for fast-paced people because there is no need to be involved in the heating process on a daily basis. Rapla Metall produces pellet boilers with a capacity of 120-500 kW, which are suitable for private houses, apartment blocks, terraced houses, production buildings etc. It is possible to install pellet burners of different producers, like Pelltech or Ariterm for pellet boilers, and this ensures heat and domestic hot water with minimum maintenance and time.

The fuel can be 6 or 8 mm wood pellets. Wood pellets are usually packed into 15-25 kg bags, which are easy to use and store, as well. In case of larger heating systems, the pellet tanks can be fi lled with truck tank cars or Big-Bag bags. The boiler’s effi ciency exceeds 90% and requires minimum maintenance – the pellet boiler is equipped with automatic ash isolation system that helps to collect ash to the ash box located in a boiler plant or further into a larger yard container. In addition, it is possible to order a pneumatic cleaning device for a boiler that enables to clean the boiler automatically and effi ciently. The pellet boilers produced by Rapla Metall are comfortable to use and maintain and thanks to wood pellets it is a boiler working on renewable energy – it is a sustainable and economical solution.

Pellet boilers are designed to heat industrial, commercial or public premises using wood pellets. Pellet boilers are especially suitable in situations when there is a demand for the efficient and environmentally friendly heating equipment.

Boiler’s efficiency exceeds 90% and requires minimum maintenance – boiler is equipped with automatic ash isolation system that helps to collect ash to the ash box located in a boiler plant or further into a larger yard container.

RM pellet boilers can be fitted with pellet burners from different manufacturers. The fuel can be 6 or 8mm wood pellets. Pellet boiler is equipped with an ash removal system, in addition it is possible to install a pneumatic heating surface cleaning system for fully automated service.

Operating description of the boiler

All RM-type boilers transfer the heat generated in the combustion chamber by convection to the boiler water through the steel walls of the boiler’s combustion chamber and flue gas pipes. Hot flue gases travel from the combustion chamber trough the lower flue gas pipes, the cleaning hatch slot and upper flue gas pipes to the flue gas duct, thus generating three flue gas passages. The optimal burning control is achieved by setting the primary and secondary air and changing the amount of fuel. The quality of burning can be visually assessed or measured by means of a gas analyser. RM – type pelletboiler is ment to be heated with woodpellets.

1. Pellet boiler
2. Pneumatic cleaning system

3. Pellet burner
4. Multicyclon for fly ash separation

Boiler modelRM-200BRM-300BRM-500BRM-1000B
Nominal heat outputkW2003005001000
Main fuelWood pelletWood pelletWood pelletWood pellet
Efficiency with wood pellets%93939393
Maximum operating water pressurebar4444
Test pressurebar6666
Minimum return water temperature°C70707070
Maximum operating water temperature°C110110110110
Water volume of boilerliiter7508308301500
Flow and return pipe connectionsDN 65DN 65DN 80DN 80
Boiler weightkg1460222528206060
Length Amm2315301035604800
Width Bmm940101011101310
Height Cmm2060212022502790
Flue gas outlet height Dmm1692172518402250
Flue gas outlet diametermmØ 236Ø 200Ø 250Ø 315

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