Rapla Metall- 27 years of experience in Bioenergy solutions

Rapla Metall has more than 25 years of experience in product development and hardware/ turnkey deliveries. Rapla Metall has acquired a unique expertise and a huge contact base in all delivery areas with their long activity in the industry.

Our mission is to produce modern bioenergy and sustainable heating systems, offering to customers contemporary and innovative products and technical solutions. Quality of production is guaranteed by using modern production technologies and by long-term professionality of employees.

We have experience from managing large projects worldwide. With this background, we will provide indicative project when it comes to technology, function and reliability. National borders are increasingly irrelevant, and innovative solutions require a global know-how.

In order to utilize and expand our sales network, with representatives of a large part of the world, ​​we have collaboration with various companies in different areas. A worldwide collaboration is for us not an end in itself. We are confident that optimal solutions can only be offered by shared experience, development and practices from experiences around the world.

With the rapidly growing demand for equipment in the environment and recycling areas (sludge handling, plastics, demolition wood, etc.) as well as pellet production, our sales will increase for these facilities. The global desire to reduce the CO2 emissions will give the pellets industry and manufactures an enormous boost.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Three decades our company’s guidelines focus on offering sustainable energy solutions to our customers, implementing projects where various types of biomass are processed into efficient and green energy. We turn solid fuels into hot water, steam or hot air, offering individual solutions in different combinations.

Turnkey Solution

Rapla Metall is in a position to fulfil all of the necessary functions – research and development, project management, production and installation, after-sales service and on-site presence – autonomously. With Rapla Metall you get all from a single source:

Project management

Every single system is adapted to the individual requirements of the customer – thus the customer receives their own custom solution. To do so our customers receive complementary support by an experienced project manager right from the very start.


All significant components from the fuel logistics to the de-ashing, as well as all combustion and boiler systems are produced and assembled by our employees in our own Rapla Metall production facilities with the highest level of technical precision. Our highly qualified specialists and professionals manufacture your system components with dedication, pride and a sense of responsibility, for your head start with proven Rapla Metall quality.

After-sale service

We always look to establish long-term relations with our customers. It is important for us that we grow together, and that we are always available if the plant needs to be expanded, altered to meet new environmental requirements or serviced to maintain its condition. We have a complete and up-to-date stock of spare parts, and we thrive to be able to deliver on a day-to-day basis. Our service team guarantees our customers a superior level of operating reliability.

Our service network extends across the globe, and an experienced supervisor with the necessary parts is never far away. All our plants are linked to the Internet, enabling us to monitor and troubleshoot faults – whatever the plant’s location. As can our customers. Regardless of the location, they can always log on to the Internet to check and monitor the boiler system.


Company location: 50 km from Tallinn


  • 4 production halls and 2 stocks in total 5000 m²
  • Cranes lifting capacity 6x 4,9 t
  • Hook height -6,5 m
  • Door sizes- 4,3 x 4 m

Certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001, EN-3834, EN 1090-1


  • laser cutting machine: laser power 3000 W; working range 3000 x 1500 mm
  • sheet metal bending press: press capacity 3000 kN; beam lenght 4100 mm
  • tube bending machine
  • plasma cutting: power 200A; working range 3000 x 1500 mm
  • sheet metal rollers


27 years of experience in Bioenergy solutions.