Packer 35 Baler

Packer 35 is the most popular baler in our packer range. Robust metal design and 35 metric ton pressure power suits well for retail business.

Rapla Metall OÜ produces waste handling presses for retail stores, shopping centres, waste collection stations and apartment associations for pressing package materials. The waste handling presses are of different hydraulic power: 16 tons, 35 tons and 63 tons; and labelled according to the corresponding output: Packer 16, Packer 35, Packer 53. It is possible to compact paper/cardboard and film/plastic waste. Waste is compacted in press compartment into rectangular cube that can be fitted into a pallet with a maximum height of 1200 mm. Depending on the specific press being used, the compacted block weighs either 120-300 kg (Packer 16), 300-450 kg (Packer 35) or 400-550 kg (Packer 53). In addition, Rapla Metall OÜ produces metal glass containers and metal stands for trash bags.

Packer 35 Baler

  • 35 ton pressure
  • Large filling hole
  • Automatic package dispatch
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Guarantee and support
  • Spare parts immediate available
  • Package balls are optimal for trailer and sea container transport
  • IP55 protected
  • CE marking on materials and electrical details
  • Operating voltage 400V 50Hz 16A

Using a waste handling press is economical
and helps to save on costs:

  • Transport cost
  • Less space is needed for storing waste
  • In addition, you do not need to pay for the so-called air-transport resulting from the waste transportation in open containers
  • Waste is sorted immediately, i.e. film and paper/ cardboard separately
  • Handling press creates a cleaner working environment
  • Waste handling press reduces a fire risk
  • Package balls can be immediately directed to recycling; instead the waste would create costs, it will earn money

Advantages of our PACKER waste handling

  • Large filling hole
  • Automatic package dispatch
  • Easy to use
  • Being a domestic producer we guarantee that our products will operate from one year to another
  • Spare parts: immediate availability of spare parts ensures a complete functionality of our products
  • The weight and dimensions of package balls are optimal for the transport with a trailer as well as with a sea container
Wire dimensionsmmØ 2,8 x 3700Ø 2,8 x 3700Ø 2,8 x 3700
Width (A)mm158018201850
Depth (B)mm100012001300
Height (C)mm200024002900
Loading height (D)mm95012601100
Depth with open door (E)mm190026202250
Hydraulic powert163753
Hydraulic cylindermmø 80/50 x 700 (2x)ø 110 (125) – 600 – 60 ( 2x)ø 120 (135) – 910 – 90 (2x)
Package ball sizemm1100 x 700 x 8501200 x 800 x 11001200 x 800 x 1200
Package ball bulkkg180 – 300300- 450350- 550
Packing tapemm171717
Engine nominal powerkW45.57.5
Operating voltage 400V 50Hz 16A400V 50Hz 16A400V 50Hz 16A
Protective measure IP55IP55IP55
Noise leveldb< 79< 79< 79
Oil amountl404040
Hydraulic oil HVLP 32HVLP 32HVLP 32
CE marking +++
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