Container boiler houses

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Rapla Metall designs and manufactures container boiler houses with power from 0.3 MW to 3 MW. Containers are manufactured either using a sea container or a special container solution with sandwich panels developed by Rapla Metall. We usually use marine containers as a biofuel boiler house with a capacity of 0.3 – 0. 72 MW. The sea container is insulated. For a boiler house with a capacity of 0.72 – 3 MW, we make a container that is insulated with sandwich panels. The equipment of the biofuel container boiler house is installed in the container during production and is delivered to the site fully assembled in advance. It is necessary to connect electricity and raw water supply to the object and to connect the boiler house to the energy consumer.

Typical scope:

  • Hot water boiler with grate
  • Airshot – automatic cleaning of convective surfaces
  • Ash handling: ash or ash conveyor
  • Boiler house control and automation panel
  • Fuel storage with moving scrapers
  • Loading fuel into the warehouse with a shaftless spiral auger or conveyor
  • Fuel transport snails or conveyor from warehouse to intermediate hopper
  • Intermediate hopper with fuel mixer
  • Pipelines and pump assemblies
  • Raw water treatment and purification equipment
  • Flue gas ducts
  • Flue gas cleaning equipment: multicyclone, bag filter and electrostatic precipitator
  • Flue gas scrubber and condenser
  • Chimney


  • Quick installation on site
  • Low construction costs
  • Reliable and robust design
  • Standardized solutions
  • The boiler house is easy to transport
  • There are no unforeseen costs for the customer
  • Modern technological solutions
  • A solution that meets the customer’s needs
  • The boiler house technology allows the use of various biofuels
  • The construction of the boiler house is understandable to the customer

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