Accumulation tank

Accumulation tanks are used in a heating system to prolong the heating cycle and maintain a more uniform temperature in heated rooms (private houses, terraced houses, production buildings)

accumulation tank


  • Very light in weight and easy to correctly install
  • 100% recyclable material
  • A 10 cm thick insulation layer guarantees 30% less heat loss

Rapla Metall produces accumulation tanks of different volumes and purposes. We manufacture storage tanks, cooling tanks, unpressurized tanks, water treatment tanks and fuel tanks.

Size: cylindrical 100 3000 liters; square 550 2000l

Material: 4mm steel S235

We offer

  • Custom design of accumulation tanks
  • Different uses
  • Certified production process and technical inspection
  • Long-term experience

Rapla Metall OÜ manufactures cylindrical (AKM) and square (AKP) accumulation tanks in insulated or non-insulated form. Cylindrical tanks have a capacity of 100-3000 ltr (can be made to order in the dimensions and volume given by the customer up to 10,000 liters) and square tanks with a capacity of 550-2000 ltr. Accumulation tanks allow to prolong the heating cycle and maintain a more even temperature in heated rooms. An electric heater, domestic hot water coil and solar heating coil can be added to the storage tank. The storage tank equipped with electric heaters allows you to use both daytime and cheaper nighttime electricity for heating. The storage tank with hot water coil provides you with daily hot water. Accumulation tanks are suitable for private houses of different sizes, terraced houses and production buildings – wherever it is desired to extend the heating cycle and reduce heating costs. We insulate accumulation tanks with the new NEODUL material.

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