Biomass storage

The hopper produced by Rapla Metall OÜ is intended for storage of wood chips. In addition to chips, pellet pellets, grain and fruit residues and planer shavings can be used as fuel.

The hopper is top-loading, closed and has an openable lid. Fuel is being loaded. The lid is opened with a winch. It is convenient to use, for example, a front loader to add fuel. The hopper is equipped with a 4kW hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinders and automation.

At the bottom of the hopper are scrapers that, in constant motion, lead to a fuel feed auger, which in turn moves its burner system. The hopper has automation that regulates the work of the scrapers and the feed.

Intermediate hopper

Intermediary tank is used to collect granulated fuel prior to delivering it to the boiler. Intermediary tank has a mixing device and a fuel level sensor. Fuel dispenser is used to separate the necessary amount of fuel prior to delivering it into the boiler. Fuel dispenser also performs a fire precaution function.

The tank must provide sufficient storage / reserve capacity for shredded fuel (sawdust, wood chips, wood chips and lump peat). After a set time, the PLC (Programmable Controller Controlling the Operation of the Equipment) menu starts supplying fuel to the intermediate hopper, which lasts until the roto level sensor at the top of the hopper is activated. The fuel auger, located directly below the fuel intermediate hopper, pushes the fuel into the burner.

The tank consists of a hopper in which a stirring wheel is mounted by means of bearings. The agitator wheel drive (gear motor) is located on the hopper cover. There are two neck openings in the bottom of the hopper for feeding fuel to the dispensers and through them to the burner screw conveyor. There is an observation hatch on the side of the hopper, through which the fuel level in the hopper can be monitored. A service hatch is installed on the hopper. Four adjustable feet are welded to the hopper body to secure the tank at the installation site and to adjust the height of the tank. The working principle of the hopper is that the fuel is spread from the hopper through the neck to the dispensers and from there to the auger conveyor. A rotating agitator wheel is installed in the hopper to prevent fuel clogging

It is also possible to install a level sensor (eg photocells) on the sides of the hopper by cutting holes in the hopper housing to the required height. The location and size of the holes depend on how the level sensor is installed. The Roto level sensor can be mounted on the hopper.

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